About Khubert LLC

Khubert LLC is an independent consulting company that focuses on supporting the global security awareness and cybersecurity communities. The company was named after founder Keil Hubert’s first VMS user name from the late 1980s. As a university student, more people knew “khubert” (pronounced Q-bert) as an online tech support resource than knew the real person.

Introducing Keil Hubert

Keil Hubert is a leadership, cybersecurity, and organisational culture writer in Fort Worth, Texas, U.S.A. Keil is currently the head of Security Training and Awareness for the Options Clearing Corporation, the world’s largest equity derivatives clearing organization, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. His consulting company – Khubert LLC – is an independent endeavor that focuses on supporting the global security awareness and cybersecurity communities.

Prior to joining OCC, Keil was a U.S. Army combat medic in high school and a medical IT officer following university graduation. He later served as a U.S. Air Force Public Affairs Officer during 9/11 and later as a Cyberspace Operations officer during the Forever War, spending over ten years commanding the IT support organisation for a combat airlift wing.

On the corporate side, Keil helped build the Dot Com start-up PetroCosm for KPMG Consulting, developed the streaming media consulting practice for Yahoo! Broadcast, and oversaw the creation of the first EU tech support centre for the cloud computing division of Verizon Enterprise Services. 

Starting in 2014, Keil became the “resident American ‘blogger” for London-based Lyonsdown Ltd. He currently divides his weekly columns between Business Reporter under the “American View” byline and the security awareness beat at The European Information Security Summit site.

Keil has published 450 online columns, 33 print articles, 5 digital magazine articles, 7 ebooks, 5 audiobooks, and 2 white papers for the SANS Reading Room under his own name. As an independent consultant he’s ghost written 30 original ’blog posts, articles, & white papers for American cybersecurity start-ups. 

Keil’s unconventional experience creating and leading IT and security teams in the defence, healthcare, media, tech, government, finance, and non-profit sectors has afforded him an eclectic perspective on how to effectively balance business needs and technical services, as well as on how to get excellent results out of creative employees. His primary academic and professional focus is on influencing human behaviour, dysfunctional company cultures, and ethical leadership.

What Khubert LLC Can Do For You

Webcast and podcast appearances

Guest speaking and presentations

Guest- and ghostwriting

Mentoring and private consultations

The History of Khubert LLC

Origin Story
Keil was recruited by Yahoo! Broadcast in the summer of 2000 to help build their in-house consulting practice. The entity formerly known as Broadcast.com had recently been acquired by internet giant Yahoo! and was having difficulty penetrating large corporate clients due to how disruptive early streaming media could be on corporate networks.

Keil and James Harris, the practice head, developed and launched the consulting practice as part of the Engineering Services group in January 2000. By the close of 1Q01, the practice had booked $3.5 million in new business and had delivered $335,000 in revenue.

Yahoo! corporate dissolved most of the Dallas office on 11 April 2001, which included the entire consulting practice. Typical Yahoo!

The Streaming Authority project
(2001 – 2003)
The week after the Dallas office was laid off, the former head of Engineering Services called James with a proposition: Yahoo! still had $3.2M of consulting work contracted and had no resources to deliver it. Our old boss’s former mates in the company has approached him about completing the work as a subcontractor. He agreed … provided he could reunite the original team.

Keil incorporated his own private company – Khubert LLC – then helped James incorporate Kingdom Consulting LLC. Together, the incorporated a third business owned by the old Engineering Services boss called Streaming Authority LLC that registered as a Yahoo! preferred subcontractor. Everything was all set to pick up where they’d left off … then 9/11 happened.

Keil was recalled to active duty in the aftermath of 9/11 and left the Streaming Authority project in early 2003. James ran Streaming Authority out of an office in Allen, Texas until shutting down the company in 2006.

The Apple Enterprise years
For the next decade, Khubert LLC operated as a part time project. Most of its focus was on providing business customers with support for integrating Apple technologies into predominantly Microsoft IT environments. Khubert LLC was part of the Apple Consultants Network and, later, the Apple Sales Expert programs.

The Cybersecurity Ghostwriter years
In 2014, Keil was approached to ghostwrite the marketing content for several American cybersecurity companies. This included website design, sales product copy, ‘blog posts, articles for industry publications, and white papers.

This shift in focus required Khubert LLC to eliminate its former tech support service line entirely.

Current Focus
Keil was invited to write a guest post for Business Technology in 2014. This evolved into a weekly column and byline – The American View – that continues today. Keil published his first book that same year. Ever since, the primary focus of Khubert LLC has been to support the broader security community through public outreach, education, consulting, and publications.

The business exists and will consider other projects on a case-by-base basis, but is not actively soliciting work outside of its outreach endeavors.